8th hole: Willow Green | Par 4

White Tees 389

Yellow Tees 373

Red Tees 333

The water to the left should not come into play off the tee, but check your yardages to make sure you are not caught out by the cross bunker in the centre of the fairway. A drive too far left can leave a second shot blocked out by trees, not a good thing when there is also a stream in front of the green to negotiate.

Pro’s tip
Be sure to lay up of cross bunker in the middle of fairway leaving middle iron to green surrounded by hazards.



Please contact the clubhouse for the latest course conditions


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Golfers please be aware from November 1 st 2023 until April 1st 2024 .

All trolleys used must have hedge hog wheels on them (winter wheels) .

Carrying your clubs is also an option or you can hire a conforming trolley on site(book in advance if needed)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.